IQF Perch
IQF PerchIQF PerchIQF PerchIQF Perch
IQF PerchIQF PerchIQF PerchIQF Perch

IQF perch fillets (Individually Quick Frozen) - the Midwest Friday Night Fish Fry favorite! Perch (Perca flavescens) fillets are part of the Midwest food tradition, included in every local pub and restaurant menu. This low fat specie has a delicate taste and is high in protein, calcium and omega 3s. It is also easy to prepare. The fillets can be pan fried or covered with your specialty breading and deep-fried. Perch can be served as part of a fish and chips basket, as a sandwich or as a lunch or dinner entrée.

The product is sold in a 1 lb attractive, resealable bag that is convenient for use and an easy fit for any freezer. Product is also available in 10 lbs cases.


Disclaimer: Total minimum order is 5 lbs mix and match.

Price: $11.40

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